A New Day

Today, I got up showered, put on real clothes, did my hair, and put some makeup on. Why you may ask, because I want to start the day off right in a new normal way. Hanging out in my sweats and a big shirt does not motivate me to seize the day. I am trying to find a new way to motivate me that way I am still accomplishing items off my list. First off, I’m in college, I need to dress like I’m going to class that way to my mind I am, and I can put forth my best work even though I am at home now. Dress for what you normally would, this will help with our emotional roller coasters. We may be stuck at home for a while but that doesn’t mean we need to stop living our lives. So, get up, clean yourself, get real clothes on, and seize the day. What around your house can you get done that you didn’t have time before to do.

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